Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Exhibition Piece 1

This was one of two pieces in the show. With this drawing I started in the middle with the earliest memories I could conjure, then worked my way up towards the present.
The top triangle which represented the then and now.

The concentrated abstract forms of the bottom triangle conveying the unknown future.

Memories, key events and themes of feelings mean its bursting with imagery.... many said it was like 'Where’s Wally' and in many ways it is. People picked out objects and stared intently searching for something and this searching was an exploring of my life.

It’s a visual autobiography

Exhibition Piece 2

This multi-paneled etching is literally a mind map. Shapes and scenarios’ derived from memories- with a flying machine rising above and looking down. I wanted to put forward the idea of separating yourself from your own point of view and look at your psychology with the clarity of a map.
The memories and events are abstracted so absolute certainty of what is actually going on remains out of reach- but real enough for the viewer to get an impression.
With many often seeing and connecting the forms to perceive something beyond my intention, which perhaps reflects something within themselves.

DIE KUNST SHOW-1st year exhibition