Tuesday, 2 November 2010


These etchings were taken from my large drawing,recolleged and selectively inked up in an experimentation with layout and form.The latter prints are aquatinted which really pushed the plates to the limit with the depths of the lines and textures.
The last etching is a character taken from my large drawing which i found really striking and wanted to hone down and expand the narrative in a small piece.

Year 2

This drawing was done slowly over the summer,little by little and over this period different moods and memories were absorbed into the piece over the days and weeks.I was playing with the idea of being confined to our own perception represented by the bubble and my place within the world.I conveyed metaphors such the ship made of ship wrecks and the sun and the moon in a type of tribal language while synthesizing areas of sustainment in other places.I fused anatomy drawing,photo transfers and washes to show a very unscientific diagram of my body.